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The young company design & technik saddlery GmbH, located in the idyllic south of Munich, commenced its activities for the European market - combined with global ambitions - in August of this year. The Bavarian slogan with Laptop and Leather Trousers perfectly fits.

The companys founders can draw on their lifetime experience to combine innovative and new materials with classic ones, refined by extraordinary design. The results are high-quality saddles and equitation accessories of high functionality, quality and elegance. An economically advantageous price-performance ratio will support the success on market.

The founders of design & technik saddlery GmbH

Hjalmar Conzet worked for 8 years as technical adviser at wholesale, followed by 40 years as director of the traditional house KIEFFER, Munich. Here he was essentially responsible for the story of success during the last decades. Result of this creative period is his high degree of popularity and acceptance as an expert in the hippological scene.

Together with his former partner Curt Merker, Hjalmar Conzet received the EQUUS - the highest Bavarian award for public persons in equitation.

Hjalmar Conzet is a live wire - drawing on his well-founded work experience he is always creative and looking for new challenges. He values his vast contacts in the world of equitation - and maintains cooperations with riding legends like Ludger Beerbaum and the ex-world champion Norbert Koof as well as new stars like the show jumper Thomas Muehlbauer and the dressage world star Ulla Salzgeber. But also important for his creations are the experiences of dedicated amateur riders.

Chunmei Conzet-Liu, wife of Hjalmar Conzet and his management partner in the company design & technik saddlery GmbH started her career with the establishment of a trade chain for shoes in China. Afterwards she changed into production and was successful in producing accessories for billard and snooker with a nowadays worldwide distribution.

For the last 3 years she is working for equitation with her new company MEI TI. In close cooperation with Hjalmar Conzet she founded the factory with the credo, that only high-quality products are worthy of being produced. All leathers and important materials are sourced from Europe, the production is highlighted by the labour efficiency of the chinese workers. This, and the high quality of the product, is personally guaranteed by Mrs. Conzet-Liu.

Partner of design & technik saddlery GmbH

The numerous innovations planned for the future will be developed in an in-house division, the quality testing will be delegated to independent institutions.

Partners for the worldwide distribution are experienced wholesale traders, the manufacturing of branded products for these traders is possible. Partnerships for the German market exist with Kieffer, Euroriding and Loesdau, R&G Equipment will be responsible for Belgium and France, Toptac International will serve the Australian market and Horse Store takes care of the Austrian scene.


Everybody knows that many of the winners  at  horse riding competitions,like theEuropeanChampionships , the Word Championships or the Olympic  Equestrian Games ,  come fromGermany . Many successful and famous  riders were also trained in Germany . The reason forGermany being so successful in the  equestrian sport is due to its outstanding horse breeding ,its  excellent  techniques and its inimitable equipment .
Meiti  Leather  Products Company  LTD was authorized by  DT Saddlery  in Germany to produce their products for distribution in Germany . The head of DT  Saddlery , Mr.Conzet , cooperates with the Meiti Leather Company   LTD’S craftsmen to ensure a high quality and high standard products .
Experiencing our products is better than talking about them .
Our jumping saddles are light and easy to sit in .
Our dressage saddles represent a noble elegance .
Our all purpose saddles support your choice of freedom .
Your wise choice will give you the power needed for success

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